Come Sit a Spell

Full Grown People will be back next Monday with a brand-spanking-new essay, but in the meantime (while I’m cooking and drinking and guarding the good stuffing) maybe you’d like to catch up on some essays you might have missed? You can poke around in the archives or search by category.

Or, here’s a little list. Every year, editors of small magazines get to nominate six pieces of work for the Pushcart Prize, a huge honor in the lit world. The deadline is December 1, so now at the end of November, here I am, with much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. I want to nominate all of them—I love each essay on this website for different reasons. Alas, this was my long list of possible Pushcart nominees before I narrowed it down to six:

Shaun Anzaldua’s “Death and Dying, Or Laugh Until You Wet Your Pants”

Jessica Handler’s “On the Pain Scale”

Kim Kankiewicz’s “Eye of the Beholder”

Kristin Kovacic’s “Comma Momma”

Meredith Fein Lichtenberg’s “The Pull of the Moon”

Jody Mace’s “The Insomniac’s To-Do List”

Jennifer Maher’s “Red-Handed”

Antonia Malchik’s “Someone Stole Home”

Zsofi McMullin’s “Young Love”

Suzanne Kushner Resnick’s “Soul Mate 101: Don’t Marry Him”

Robin Schoenthaler’s “Hope Floating”

Suzanne Van Atten’s “Land of Shannon”

See what I mean about the gnashing and the pulling? Even now, I’m thinking, but what about…?


I also want to thank you all. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for signing up for the notifications and writing about FGP on your websites and for donating to the tip jar. A publication is nothing without its readers, and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for your warming up this corner of the internet.

xo, Jennifer

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11 thoughts on “Come Sit a Spell

  1. Thank you, Jennifer! For giving “Land of Shannon” a home and for sending me such wonderfully thought-provoking, inspiring stories to read every week. I hope 2014 shines brightly on you and yours!

  2. All I can do is echo Suzanne. Each of these essays (and more on FGP!) hits me at a deep level, but in a different place. My reading world would be a bleaker place without your taste and judgment!

  3. Well, there goes my morning! I can’t stop reading! It is an honor to be in such excellent company! Thank you, Jennifer, for all of the work you put into this.

  4. This site feels like the big sister (sometimes brother) I never had – throwing light onto turns in the road I might or might not have expected. Thanks a million – and Happy Thanksgiving.

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