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Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it! Merry Meal at Your Favorite Chinese Restaurant, if you don’t!

Full Grown People will be back on Friday with a new essay (one I can barely wait for you all to read!), but to tide you over in the meanwhile, here’s a handy list of what some of the massively talented FGP contributors have had published elsewhere. (Clicking on the writer’s name will lead you to all the essays that FGP has published.) A little re-gifting in a good way, if you will.

xo, Jennifer

Sara Bir

“Paté: A Grownup Love Story” at Food Riot

Judy Bolton-Fasman

“Coming Out: A Mother’s Story” at Cognoscenti

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

“Confessions of a Mother Who Couldn’t Say ‘No'” at the New York Times

Karen Dempsey

“Lockdown: Teaching Students to Hide from Guns, and Hide Their Fears” at the New York Times

Kate Haas

“The Surprising Joy of Hideous Maternity Clothes” at Salon

Karrie Higgins

“Partial Match” at Diagram (trigger warning)

Jody Mace

“The Best Kind of Journey” at

Antonia Malchik

“How Sturdy Is Your Sick Bag?” at Perceptive Travel

Elizabeth Maria Naranjo

“Memorial Day” at Literary Mama

Carol Paik

“Little Co-op on the Upper West Side” at Literary Mama

Sue Sanders

“Still Too Raw to Eat Meat” at the New York Times

“Hiss and Hers” at The Morning News

Robin Schoenthaler

“Will He Hold Your Purse?” at the Boston Globe

“Thank You Cards” at the Boston Globe

Jill Talbot

“Emergent” at the Paris Review Daily

“What I Learned in Homemaking” at The Rumpus (trigger warning)

“Stranded” at Brevity


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