Full Grown People publishes personal essays that explore what it means to be an adult. If you haven’t read the About page, take a minute and check out the mission of FGP. You’ll also want to read a bunch of essays on the site to get a taste of what I’m looking for. (You might notice that most of the contributors are women; that’s only because I know a lot of writers who are women. Men are welcome to submit work, too.)

The nitty gritty: Essays should be between 800 and 4,000 words long and have a literary quality: engaging and smart without being academic or schmaltzy. Work hard on your endings—if you’ve built up some good momentum, ending it on the right note is sometimes the difference between a contender and an acceptance. To submit work, please use the FGP Submittable page.


A note about the $3 Submittable fee: I don’t like charging it either, but Full Grown People has grown to the point where it makes sense so that I can respond to your work in a timely manner. If the fee poses a financial hardship to you, email me at [my first name] at [name of this site], and we’ll work something out. (If you submitted work before 5/6/16, I’m still considering it.)

By submitting work to Full Grown People, you’re agreeing to have your work considered for future anthologies; if your work is chosen for an FGP anthology, you will be compensated. You’re also agreeing that if the essay is republished elsewhere, you will ensure that Full Grown People gets credit for first publication, along with a link to the site. Right now, FGP is a volunteer effort for everyone involved. —Jennifer Niesslein

UPDATE 2/22/17: For the next little while, it’s going to take me longer than usual to respond to submissions. My grandmother’s in hospice, and my focus right now is on my family. I’m reading slowly when my head is in the game,  but that’s not especially often these days and your work deserves my full attention. Thanks for understanding. —JN

26 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Jennifer, can you give us the actual email address for submissions, rather than a link? I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses yahoo or gmail rather than the mail program that came with this computer (which is what your link takes me to). I’d rather be writing than take the time to complete the 13 steps required to add a different email server to the automatic mail function! Thanks.

  2. Sure–it’s submissions AT [the name of this site]. (And FYI, whenever you encounter this sort of thing, if you press control and click on the link, a “copy this link” message comes up, at least on a Mac. Maybe other people have instructions for PC users.)

  3. I do consider them previously published unless they’ve been expanded upon greatly–ideally the essays at FGP are brand-spanking-new. Thanks for the kind words!

  4. What’s with all the bullets in the essays? Aren’t people smart enough to know when a scene changes? It always puzzles me when I come across these bullets or other indicators of a sceen change.

    1. Gina Easley provides a lot of the (wonderful) photos on the site, but sometimes we can’t make a match. If you have a site with a portfolio, Julie, please send it to me at jennifer at fullgrownpeople dot com.

    1. There are a few times I’ve run essays under a pen name, so I wouldn’t rule it out, but, honestly, the bar is higher for those essays.

  5. Simultaneous submission okay? i have a piece out on submission but would also like to submit it here. But I would publish it wherever it gets picked up first, so would let you know if that happens.
    What do you think?
    Oh, and do you pay at all?


    1. Simultaneous is fine, but let me know if it gets accepted elsewhere.

      I can’t pay if it’s on the site, but if it’s chosen for an anthology, there is compensation.

  6. What about submissions that have been written as a stand-alone Medium but not published through any particular Medium publication?

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